Balabarani – Cinematographer

Cameraman Bala Bharani, who apprenticed under M.S. Prabhu has worked in four Tamil and one Telugu film so far. His work for the recently released Maayaandi Kudumbathaar has won him great appreciation. Bala Bharani had adopted a different and novel technique for the film. Instead of using a steadycam, he has used a smaller and mobile equipment carried on his shoulder to can the shots. He has also worked in Vedigundu Murugesan a cinemascope film starring Pasupathy and Jyothirmayi in lead roles. Most of the film has been shot in and around Pollachi. The colour, lighting and tone used in the film will be realistic as none of the actors in the film have used make-up.  


  • Kundaka Mandakka, Tamil(Artists:Mr.Parthiban ,Mr.Vadivel
    Ms.Lakshmi Rai, Director:(Ashon)
  •  Nee Venumda Chellam, Tamil(Artists:Mr.Ramesh ,
    Ms.Nameetha & Ms.Kajala,Director:Venkatesh)
  •  Hello Premisthara, Telugu(Artists:Mr.Sairam Sankar &
    Ms.sheela, Director:Rajkumar)
  •  Vedikundu Murugessan, Tamil(Artists:Mr.Pasupathi &
    Ms.Jothirmayi , Director:Moorthy)
  •  Mayandi Kudumbathar, Tamil (Artists: It holds an record in
    Indian Cinema as the Directors are the artists in this movie, Director:Rasumathuravan)
  • Goripalayam, Tamil  (Artists: Mr.Harish,Mr.Vikranth,
    Mr.Ramakrishnan, Director:Rasumathuravan)
  •  Parimala Theraiarangam, Tamil (Artists: Mr.Vikas, Miss. Sanusha, Director:SaravanaJeevan) 
  •  Pyaarge Aagubittaite, Kannada
  •  Parchaayi, Malayalam
  •  Zero Hour, Hindi
  •  Maya, Sinhalese
  •  Vanmam, Tamil (Artists: Mr.Vijay Sethupathi, Mr.Krishna, Miss. Sunaina, Director:Jai Krishna) 
  •   Miha Miha Avasaram, Tamil (2017)
  •   Kavaathu,Tamil (2017) ( Co.Producer & DOP)Ready For Release
  •   Miha Miha Avasaram, Tamil(2018) (Artists: Mr. Harish, Miss. Priyanka, Mr. Muthuraman) Ready For Release, First Indian Cinema on Helium Weapon-8K Camera

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