Diploma in Acting

Actors appear on the screen physically unlike directors or cinematographers who work behind the camera. They give life to the script, live characters in front of the camera and involve audience in the story. Their voice, facial expressions, body movements, and emotions make each audience immerse in the story. Actors imitate real life characters and relive relationships.

We prepare the students to act in films, television, and theatre and to take up the dubbing profession. Skills to interpret scripts, re-live characters, and master the art of diction are important for actors. Learning acting techniques, movements, conversation techniques, voice modulation, improvisation, role analysis, make-up techniques, understanding about costumes form essential elements of acting. 



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  • Qualification 10th and +2 and above.
  • No Age limit.
  • Duration: Three Months.
  • Timings: 0900 AM – 1300 PM.

Course Content:

  • Self- awareness
  • Observation
  • Imitation
  • Storytelling
  • Character analysis
  • Character development
  • Emotional memory
  • The potentials of faculties of body
  • Body control
  • Playing multiple characters
  • Development of spontaneity
  • Voice modulation
  • Movement with space
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