Editing and Post Production

Movie editing is not studying about software and it’s applications but traveling through the narrative structure of the storytelling and the performance. The understanding of film language enables an editor to select shots thoughtfully and intentionally, keep them in an order, maintain the rhythm, pace and tempo of the movie demanding emotional participation of the viewers. Students learn framing the shots, compositions, angles, movements, lighting, colour grading etc, during their study.



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  • Qualification 10th and +2 and above.
  • No Age limit.
  • Duration: One Year.
  • Timings: Morning 0900 AM – 1300 PM.

Course Content:

  • Software: Premiere Pro,
  • Final Cut Pro, Davinci
  • Resolve, AVID Media
  • Composer, Photo Shop and Media Encoder.
  • Introduction to Editing
  • History of Editing
  • Types of video editing
  • Main elements in post-production
  • Rule of DIT
  • Concept of digital video and editing
  • Frame rate aspect ratio
  • Rhythm, pace and pauses in between
  • 6 ways of
  • Editing styles and their functions in various films
  • 180 rules, cutting scene
  • Grammar of edit
  • Syncing audio
  • Three point and four point editing
  • Blue matte removing
  • Six rules of editing, film editing secrets
  • Arranging on linear and non linear
  • Six ways to edit any scene
  • Basic colour correction
  • Multi layers editing, multi clip editing
  • Editing reports
  • Importing an  organising clips
  • Basic timeline editing
  • Multi cam editing
  • Audio editing
  • Exporting your video
  • Action sequence
  • Dialogue sequence
  • Editing drama
  • Experimental film
  • Best export setting
  • Create the project
  • Open the project
  • How to input video and
  • Audio clips
  • Loading and playing a
  • Master clip
  • Adding tracks
  • Manually patching tracks
  • Displaying audio
  • Waveforms
  • Improving the visibility of
  • The waveform

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