Long Term Courses


Script Writing

At DeSIFMA, our Scriptwriting program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering plot development, character creation, dialogue writing, and screenplay formatting. Through hands-on exercises and workshops, students explore various genres and styles, honing their creative abilities. Emphasizing collaboration and feedback, students work closely with peers and faculty to refine their skills. Industry insights from guest lectures prepare students for successful careers in scriptwriting. Our program equips students with the technical skills and creative vision needed to excel in screenwriting.

Film direction

Directors convert ideas into actions on the screen. A director’s responsibility is to bring all elements of production together, coordinate and arrange everything to contribute towards accomplishing the common purpose. With the collaboration of team members such as actors, editors, cinematographers, production designers, music directors, and sound designers, directors breathe life into their creative vision.

At DeSIFMA, we prioritize practical learning alongside theoretical understanding of cinema. Through hands-on projects, students immerse themselves in learning the language of film, mastering the art of storytelling, and honing skills in camera angles and movements. They are encouraged to unleash their creativity to express their thoughts and abilities fully.


At DeSIFMA, we offer a comprehensive Photography Course designed to equip students with the technical skills, creative vision, and professional knowledge needed to excel in the field of photography. Our curriculum covers fundamentals such as exposure, composition, and lighting, along with technical proficiency in handling equipment and post-processing techniques. We focus on developing students’ technical proficiency in handling cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment. Students explore various photography genres, including portrait, landscape, documentary, fashion, and commercial photography, and learn the art of visual storytelling. The course also includes professional development aspects such as marketing and portfolio development. Through hands-on experience, practical assignments, and guest lectures, students gain real-world exposure and the practical skills necessary for success in the photography industry.

Overall, our Photography Course at DeSIFMA aims to equip students with the technical skills, creative vision, and professional knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic field of photography.


The final look, mood, and overall narrative of a film are crafted and maintained by the cinematographer. As visuals play a significant role in enhancing the story, the cinematographer’s role is pivotal in filmmaking.

At DeSIFMA, cinematography students grasp the importance and impact of visuals, utilizing them creatively and effectively for storytelling. Through our “learning through doing” methodology, students develop into skilled cinematographers with a comprehensive understanding and practical experience in the field. They learn to communicate effectively through visuals, mastering the art of cinematography.

Film Editing

Movie editing transcends mere software knowledge and applications; it involves delving into the narrative structure of storytelling and performance. Understanding the language of film empowers an editor to thoughtfully select shots, arrange them cohesively, and maintain the rhythm, pace, and tempo of the movie, ensuring the storytelling remains captivating and evokes emotional engagement from viewers.

Similarly, for a professional editor, framing shots, compositions, angles, movements, lighting, color grading, and more are crucial aspects. Each element contributes to the overall visual narrative and enhances the storytelling experience for the audience.

Sound Engineering

Sound engineers play a crucial role in film production by capturing, editing, and mixing audio elements to enhance the overall auditory experience of a film. They are responsible for recording high-quality sound on set, editing dialogue and sound effects, and mixing these elements to create a balanced and immersive sound design. Sound engineers work closely with directors, producers, and other members of the production team to ensure that the film’s audio complements the visual storytelling effectively.

At DeSIFMA, students studying sound engineering gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge to excel in this vital aspect of filmmaking. Through hands-on experience and training, they learn to manipulate sound creatively to enhance the emotional impact and narrative depth of a film.

DeSIFMA – ROYAL Recording Theatre

We have a state-of-the-art DeSIFMA ROYAL Recording Theatre equipped with industry-standard recording equipment and technology at DeSIFMA. This dedicated space provides students with the opportunity to practice and refine their skills in sound recording, mixing, and editing. Whether it’s capturing dialogue, Foley effects, or music compositions, our recording theatre offers an ideal environment for students to learn and experiment with audio production techniques. Additionally, our experienced faculty members guide students through practical exercises and projects, helping them develop proficiency in sound engineering and production.

Graphic Designing

Our Graphic Design Courses are meticulously crafted to provide aspiring digital artists with the skills required to become professional graphic designers. The curriculum encompasses various aspects including illustration, idea generation, conceptualization, graphical representations, image design and creation, typography, and more.

Students gain hands-on experience in graphic design using the latest software and techniques, cultivating a cutting-edge skill set applicable to creating innovative designs for both print-based and digital media. Additionally, the course emphasizes practical learning through frequent workshops, guest lectures, and field trips, offering students a real-world exposure to the dynamic world of graphic design.